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How do I become an Image Consultant?  

Image Consultants have one of the hottest new businesses today, but it is a career path that is also highly demanding.

Below are the essential skills you will need to gain and keep a career as a successful Image Consultant:

  • Gain work experience in the fashion, entertainment or corporate industries. Experience in the following categories is helpful in developing an image consultant career.
  • Become a member of a professional organization, such as the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). You will gain access to training, local chapters, conferences and their image consultant database.
  • Enrol in a training course. You can begin with online classes provided by image consulting firms and move on to a certification program with AICI or another organization. In an industry without a governing body, certifications can enhance your credentials.
  • Find an entry-level job or mentorship. Search listings for image consultants and offer free work to learn the ropes of the business. You may want to go outside of your local area, so that you are not seen as competition to your mentor.
  • Decide who your target audience will be and what services you will offer. You will want to choose whether you will work in the entertainment industry, corporations who train their executives or another niche market. Develop your own "recipe for success" in the profession of your choice to help market yourself to the community.
  • Create a business plan. Any consultant job should be planned out for at least 5 years, so that you can invest in start-up costs, begin marketing and plan for business growth. File applicable business or consulting documents with your Secretary of State.
  • Consider starting part-time. It may require 1 to 5 years to build up a client base for full-time work. You can offer image consulting services after work or on weekends until you have enough clientèle.
  • Start partnerships with cosmetologists, hair stylists, event planners, real estate firms, businesses, fashion designers and other professionals. Suggest their services to your clients in exchange for their referrals.
  • Invest in marketing materials. A professional website, stationary and pricing materials will identify you as an expert. Keep a portfolio of success stories for consultations.
  • As your business grows, invest in more equipment, such as video cameras, virtual makeover software and materials that clients can take home and review. If you are catering to a corporate environment, you will want to develop effective presentation skills and materials.
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 How much money can I earn?

  • An newly accredited Image Consultant can typically begin earning $50 - $100 per hour advising individuals how to present a better image.  Once you become a top notch Image Consultant you can begin charging $200 an hour and upwards depending on the services you are offering.
  • A particularly lucrative avenue is presenting training programs for corporations. Image consultants can earn thousands of dollars a day teaching seminars on dressing professionally (including dos and don'ts for casual Fridays), telephone etiquette for customer service staff, communication skills for new supervisors, and other topics.

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NB: But while there is virtually no limit in terms of what a fashion stylist can earn, and six-figure salaries are possible, a fashion stylist usually don't start off immediately charging $100 an hour or more - this kind of income only comes after years of hard work.


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